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Kibworth Osteopaths & Pilates

Kibworth Osteopaths & Pilates were looking to establish a more marketing focused website for channeling traffic to from search engine results and a Google My Business profile.

Together, we worked on creating a site that provides its users with everything they need to know about making a booking, whilst giving the business a focus for channeling enquiries.

Caplin Solar

Caplin Solar were experiencing some reliability and performance issues with their website and were keen to rebuild and restructure it to improve these areas.

We worked to rebuild their WordPress website using the Gatsby framework, improving performance and reliability and creating a clean and lean codebase to build on.

Income Tax Calculator

A React app that calculates UK income tax based on annual income and country of residence (income tax in Scotland differs from the rest of the UK)

The app returns your income tax contribution based on these inputs but also provides a breakdown, explaining how much tax is paid on each portion of salary.

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